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Amalfi Coast

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Hotel Villa Cimbrone Ravello

Amalfi Residence
the Amalfi Residence is situated in one of the most panoramic corners of the Amalfi Coast, where it is possible to relax and take in the wonderful scents of the lemon and orange groves.

Hotel Doria Amalfi


Amalfi coast - Manifestations - Folklore

Prickly pears festival, Furore (September)

“Muri d’Autore/Paese dipinto”: painters and artists meet to paint the walls of the houses and of the palaces, Furore, (September)

Gusta Minori”, to taste typical products and dishes, Minori, (summer)

Jazz on the Coast, an international jazz meeting, Minori, (July)

Tuna Festival called “A tutto tonno”, Cetara, (July)

The Way of the Cross in the streets of the town Maiori, (Good Friday)

SulfureaCave, attainable only by boat. On its bottom there is a natural spring of sulphurous water that has a diuretic and detoxicating effect. It can be used to cure skin illnesses, Maiori

National ceramics prize “Viaggio attraverso la ceramica”, Vietri sul mare (summer)

Festival della Tradizione, with popular dances, music and tales, Praiano (summer)

Scala meets New York, with many guests and events, Scala (September)

Lemon festival, Tramonti (August)

Festival Internazionale di Musica a Ravello, international music festival (summer)

“Regata Storica delle Repubbliche Marinare”, each four years, in June, there is the traditional boat-race “Regata Storica delle Repubbliche Marinare”, in Middle Ages costumes made in 1950s by the scenographer Scielzo, Amalfi

Cartoon on the bay, international review in Positano (April)

Santa Rosa festival, Conca dei Marini (August)

Saint Mary Magdalene, the Patron, Feast (July)

Blue fish and anchovies festival, Atrani (August)

Stefania Maffeo