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Hotel Villa Cimbrone Ravello

The Amalfi Coast (Italian: Costiera Amalfitana) is a stretch of coastline on the southern coast of the Sorrentine Peninsula in the Province of Salerno in Southern... (more on )

Top attractions on the Amalfi Coast

Ready to come to Amalfi? Want to know more about the attractions of Amalfi ? You’ve come to the right web-site!

One of the most famous attractions of the Amalfi Coast is obviously the Duomo, situated in the heart of Amalfi, rich in mosaic colours, you have to go up a lot of steps to get up there but it’s worthwhile. Getting to the Cathedral of S.Andrea, the interior is a mixture of Roman and Barocco art. Also all the year round there is lots to see, but if you are there on 24th December at midnight, wait for the giant star that descends from the mountains to the Cathedral. Fab!

Do not miss it ! Among tons of attractions we’ve got the famous “Emerald Grotto “ situated in Conca Dei Marini . It’s called “The Emerald Grotto “ due to its colours , from the sunlight dancing in it. You can visit it thanks to the various boats for tourists and over the Christmas period there is the most fantastic underwater nativity scene .Divers decorate the scene daily .If you want to spend an interesting afternoon in one of two attractions of the Amalfi Coast , maybe because it’s raining ( yes , it could!) . You could visit the two museums : the Civic Museum and the Paper Museum , a bit of a hike , but hey , keeps us fit !!! There’s also trekking to see the beautiful sea views and if that’s not enough attractions why not just shop? Limoncello , local wine and typical bits and bobs. Another incredible attraction is “Sentiero Degli Dei “ the pathway of Gods. Where if you’ve got the stamina !!? It is worthwhile for all that hiking , oh yes ! From Agerola , Bomerano or from Praiano , to get to the area of Nocelle , 440 mt above sea level . This pathway obviously downhill , whereas from Praiano sea level trekkers get to Colle Serra . From Agerola , the most spectacular views of Capri from pathway we get to Grotto del Biscotto and then will lead you on to Monte Serra . After that it’s on to Nocelle not a very well known area that belongs to Positano . For all you trekkers clothes wise , obviously comfortable trainers long trousers , sun cream and sun hat .. Don’t forget your camera for the breathtaking views, and well done to all of you who made it , you will go home with the most extraordinary photos to show off to all of your mates !


Welcome in Amalfi Coast

Hotels on the Amalfi Coast


There is a whole load of hotels to choose from , it really depends on your needs and therefore we can take care of everything for you : if you’re looking for a Hotel with a pool , or simply location, location , location , we will come up with what you want. If you want to visit monuments , museums or other , we will take care to make your trip worthwhile and with no hassles we hope !

Eating out along the Coastline


Gastronomy includes culture and food in fact the Amalfi Coast is a wizard. Not only does it seduce you with art, with its narrow streets, with its coves and contrasting colours deep blue sea and green of its trees and yellow of its lemons, famous worldwide , the Amalfi coast gives us the taste of its typical cuisine to which you can write home about : first , seconds (fish based) , sweets...

Monuments art and nature.


We hope you enjoy what the Amalfi Coast has to offer in monuments,art and ceramics natural beauties that you won’t find anywhere else . Take your time ! From Vietri Sul mare , Ceramical town , there is an embarrassment of choice of shops . Very characteristic too are the cobbled streets . Spend the morning in and out of the shops . You are sure to pick up souvenirs!!!

Residence and B&B’s


From those to choose from we are sure that you will get what you’re looking for from the choice of bed and breakfast they are clean and well worth the money. The owners of the B&B’s and hoteliers will give you all the advice necessary to make your holiday special!Whether you’re looking for a five star or a B&B we are sure that you will go home ...!

Take a Butcher’s at this !


If you’re still not convinced, just take a look at the supersonic photos along the Coast , if that doesn’t entice you well, we will be amazed ! The photos have been taken from different aspects of the coastline . After dinner , take your own photos. The lights from the houses merge together with those of the stars. Magical!

Got the stamina for Trekking ?


A lot of tourists hike just for that fabulous view going along the old Pathways .If you can get it done where’s there’s no pain , there’s no gain !Something to write home about.There is nothing better start your day hiking on the pathways. See all its wild flowers and getting to a spot, take in the views from up there.It’s like being on the top of the world !

What doing over Christmas?


The Christmas period , tons of things to see and do , nativity scenes and don’t forget the firework displays!It’s always a bit hectic , but if you are staying in Salerno make sure you get to see the Artist’s Lights and get to the Villa Comunale too .Amalfi of course,with the star gliding down on the Square at midnight.Check beforehand as activities can and Happy Xmas !

Hotel Margherita - Costiera amalfitana

Thinking of getting Married?


The enchanting views , many hotels , restaurants , florist’s and photographers will give you a hand, to make that day “ AS SPECIAL “ as it should remain .Italy boasts good weather pretty much all year round . With its hot summers and mild winters who wouldn’t want to tie the knot in this idealistic location.We know what we would choose?

Hotel Margherita - Costiera amalfitana

Regatta of the
Ancient Maritime Republics 2016

Amalfi June 12th 2016

The Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics is a competition of galleons with eight rowers, between the crews of the town of Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice, born after the second world war and held in rotation in the four cities. Amalfi will host the 61st edition of the Regatta on 12th June 2016. The 61st edition of the Palio of the Marittime Republics will be held in Amalfi on 12th June 2016.


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