Top attractions on the Amalfi Coast

  • Hotels on  the Amalfi Coast

    Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

    There is a whole load of hotels to choose from , it really depends on your needs and therefore we can take care of everything for you : if you’re looking for a Hotel with a pool , or simply location, location , location , we will come up with what you want. If you want to visit monuments , museums or other , we will take care to make your trip worthwhile and with no hassles we hope !        

  • Eating out along the Coast

    Eating out along the Coast

    Gastronomy includes culture and food in fact the Amalfi Coast is a wizard. Not only does it seduce you with art, with its narrow streets, with its coves and contrasting colours deep blue sea and green of its trees and yellow of its lemons, famous worldwide , the Amalfi coast gives us the taste of its typical cuisine to which you can write home about : first , seconds (fish based) , sweets...

  • Monuments

    Monuments art and nature.

    We hope you enjoy what the Amalfi Coast has to offer in monuments,art and ceramics natural beauties that you won’t find anywhere else . Take your time ! From Vietri Sul mare , Ceramical town , there is an embarrassment of choice of shops . Very characteristic too are the cobbled streets . Spend the morning in and out of the shops . You are sure to pick up souvenirs!!!     

  • Residence

    Residence and B&B’s

    From those to choose from we are sure that you will get what you’re looking for from the choice of bed and breakfast they are clean and well worth the money. The owners of the B&B’s and hoteliers will give you all the advice necessary to make your holiday special!Whether you’re looking for a five star or a B&B we are sure that you will go home ...!                          

  • atrani

    Take a Butcher’s at this !

    If you’re still not convinced, just take a look at the supersonic photos along the Coast , if that doesn’t entice you well, we will be amazed ! The photos have been taken from different aspects of the coastline . After dinner , take your own photos. The lights from the houses merge together with those of the stars. Magical!

  • beach

    Got the stamina for Trekking?

    A lot of tourists hike just for that fabulous view going along the old Pathways .If you can get it done where’s there’s no pain , there’s no gain !Something to write home about.There is nothing better start your day hiking on the pathways. See all its wild flowers and getting to a spot, take in the views from up there.It’s like being on the top of the world !

  • villa rufolo

    Thinking of getting Married?

    The enchanting views , many hotels , restaurants , florist’s and photographers will give you a hand, to make that day “ AS SPECIAL “ as it should remain .Italy boasts good weather pretty much all year round . With its hot summers and mild winters who wouldn’t want to tie the knot in this idealistic location.We know what we would choose?

  • Dispensa Sasa' Italy typical products

    Dispensa Sasa’

    TYPICAL ITALIAN PRODUCTS that whet your appetite, selecting farms by QUALITY...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


  • Villa Cimbrone

    Villa Cimbrone


    What for centuries was an aristocratic residence is now an exclusive, refined Hotel de Charme. Understated elegance is a common feature in the otherwise unique rooms ...

  •  Holidays Baia d’Amalfi

    Holidays Baia d’Amalfi


    Holidays Baia d'Amalfi is a Hotel located in the heart of the town of Amalfi, and made ​​known for its ancient maritime republic ...                                                                  

  • hotel Graal

    Hotel Graal


    From above your eye traces the contour of the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno. Our balconies of our rooms are a privileged observation deck for those ...

  • Hotel Villa San Michele

    Hotel Villa San Michele


    Villa San Michele is built into the rocks below the spectactular coastal road and features a private access to the crystal clear sea....                                                                     

  • Hotel Bellevue Suite

    Hotel Bellevue Suite


    The Hotel Bellevue Suites combines a wonderful view with the convenience of being situated on the main road and very close and a few hundred meters from the historic center of Amalfi ...

  • Villa Bella Vista praiano

    Villa Bella Vista


    The quiet and the tranquillity of this place will make your stay at Hotel Villa Bellavista just perfect, ideal to rest your body and mind. The magnificent panoramas of the Isle of Capri and ...

  • Hotel L'Argine Fiorito

    Hotel L'Argine Fiorito


    With each rooms elegantly furnished in classic style, all available with a private and complete bathroom and a small balcony from which overlooks the surrounding nature, all set like a precious stone ...

  • Ravello art hotel Marmorata

    Ravello art hotel Marmorata


    Ravello Art Hotel Marmorata is a beautiful 4-star hotel located in the charming inlet of Ravello Mare. It is the ideal solution for an exclusive stay or vacation just a short walk from Amalfi...

  • Hotel Olimpico

    Hotel Olimpico


    Hotel Olimpico offers a big swimming pool and a private sandy beach, which is an oasis of tranquility away from the bustle of town, yet it is only a 10 minute drive from downtown Salerno ...

  • Hotel Margherita

    Hotel Margherita


    A magical place, an enchanting view, a kind and warm hospitality, a terrace with pool, sunbathing deck and view...all this is yours to enjoy. Surrounded by verdent hills and crystal clear blue waters ...

  •  Villa Maria Luigia

    Villa Maria Luigia


    The villa, with its wonderful views, is situated just over than 1km from the center of Amalfi, away from the chaotic Piazza Duomo. Its position allows you to reach the historic centre ...

  • Hotel Santa Lucia

    Hotel Santa Lucia


    Hotel Santa Lucia, a few meters from Minori's sea, is the best solution to spend your holiday on the coast, near Amalfi and Ravello, less than an hour driving to Positano. Guests will stay in a familiar and comfortable resort   ...

  • Amalfi Residence

    Amalfi Residence

    Conca dei Marini

    Offering the very best in accommodation, each apartment is beautifully decorated in the typical Mediterranean colours with every comfort and amenities plus superb terraces where it is possible to enjoy a ...

  • Hotel il Pino

    Hotel il Pino


    Here you will forget the everyday routine while relaxing in our bright and spacious rooms in the typical Mediterranean colours of the ceramic tile of Vietri. Here you will find a starting point for all your tours around the ....

  • Hotel il Nido

    Hotel il Nido


    Each room is equipped with sea view windows or large sea view balconies and is ideal for a short break on the Amalfi coast. The little hotel prides itself on 40 years of experienc , matured by continual relationships with ....

  • Amalfi Turcoop

    Amalfi Turcoop


    Our 30 years of experience in the tourist transport field, continuing innovation, our collaborators’ professionalism and our passion are what will always guarantee you the joy of travelling

  • Il Campanile

    Farm house “Il Campanile”


    Holiday between well-being and relax in the heart of the Amalfi Coast: the farm house “agriturismo Il Campanile” is the ideal place, located in a dream corner, at full contact with nature. A 900 metres from the sea ...

  • Amalfi Coast Rental

    Amalfi Coast Rental


    Choose from our catalog the villa or the ideal apartment to spend your holidays. We have over 70 properties in Positano and Amalfi Coast ...                                                                                                                                   

  • Amalfi Coast Villas

    Amalfi Coast Villas


    Holiday villas in the Amalfi Coast. A selection of villa rentals in Amalfi coast. Check offers of vacation rentals...                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • Amalfi Yachting Charter

    Amalfi Yachting Charter


    The goal of company is to unveil the natural beauty of the “Divina Costiera”, Positano, Island of Capri, Ischia and Procida to all who are interested. The boats of Amalfi Yatching Charter are fully equipped with comfortable sundecks...