Weekend in Ravello

Amalfi Coast pieces of art are wherever, We suggest you to visit the Amalfi Cathedral founded in the XII century and Villa Rufolo founded about in the XI century. you must spend a weekend in Ravello: in Villa Rufolo there are indescribable and colorful terraces where the International Music Festival is celebrated. Another amazing place is Villa Cimbrone, famous for the exciting panorama, where you can admire the most beautiful view of the world. Fontana Moresca complete the art collection: narrow and fascinating streets that encharm the tourists, you will feel in another dimension into a dream, into the music played in the traditional concert until dawn.

Amalfi Coast hotels: A weekend in Ravello

By the terraces of Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone you can admire a breathtaking view. This terraces charmed Greta Garbo and Wagner and the city honors him every year in the International Music Festival, a Festival that made Ravello the city of music of the Amalfi Coast. It is a silent and chic town, it has been a rich center of commercial activities since the XI and XII century.

The “Decamerone”, a Giovanni Boccaccio novel, an Italian writer of the XIV century, quotes Landolfo Rufolo, a pirate born in a noble family, a lucky castaway that became owner of a big treasure. In the Tate Gallery of London you can see the pictures of the Amalfi Coast painted by the famous painter William Turner in 1819.

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Amalfi Coast Weather

If you have a few days to appreciate the Amalfi Coast, checking the weather is a good way to plan the holidays. This is a useful link to have an idea of what to put in the suitcase. Anyway, on spring and summer the weather is always sunny so you could appreciate the beauty of nature in Ravello. This town is a real terrace above the sea in the Lattari Mountains, where you can enjoy a beautiful and natural scenery, unique in the world. The Divine Coast gives a dreamy vision by its panoramas, in particular way by the one dedicated to the Princess Piemonte. Rounded by the nature and lied down on a suggestive rocky position, it divides the valley of the Torrente Dragone and the torrente Reginna, where there’s a wide view of the gulf on a 350 meters height.

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