Amalfi Coast is actually beautiful and picturesque and if you watch its panoramas from Agerola you will enjoy them: Agerola is like a terrace on Amalfi Coast. Actually Agerola is made of scattered houses that form various hamlets that all together are called Agerola. They dominate Amalfi from the top. Air is clean, nature is uncontaminated and panorama is beautiful. Gods' path starts from Bomerano hamlet: this is one of the most charming paths of the world and it is loved by most excursionists.
This is the ideal place to perfectly enjoy the beauties of Amalfi Coast without staying the most crowded towns. Famous people loved Agerola, such as Francesco Crispi, Benedetto Croce, Salvatore di Giacomo.
Milk is an important resource: its production has been famous since the times of the ancient Roman physician, Galeno. A festival dedicated to milk takes place every year on the first Sunday of August. Food is an important element of daily life in Agerola as well as good cooking. There are many festivals: for example the festival dedicated to chestnuts, to sausages, peppers, beans.

History of Agerola

There are ancient traces showing that Agerola has been probably inhabited since Bronze Age, while the remains of some rural houses show that agriculture has always been prosperous. According to a tradition, the name comes from Roman word "ager" that means "field".
Milk produced on Lattari Mountains has always been praised, since Galeno’s time. Galeno was the ancient physician of Marco Aurelio. During Middle Ages, Agerola entered the Sea Republic of Amalfi and it supplied Amalfi with wood, used to build ships.
During XVII century in Agerola there was the development of brigandage that was defeated by Bourbon family. During XVIII century Agerola was very prosperous. Agerola supported Parthenopean Republic. In 1844 Agerola abandoned the province of Salerno and Amalfi Coast and passed to the province of Naples.


Monuments - Art

  • Archconfraternity of the blessed sacrament, it contains a beautiful statue of Our Lady of the Roses;
  • Saint Peter the Apostle church
  • Santa Maria la Manna Church, with the beautiful statue of "Madonna in Manna";
  • Saint Matthew Apostle Church;
  • Saint Martin Church where general Avitabile is buried;
  • Lauritano castle: from the terraces you can admire Amalfi Coast and its splendour

Photo gallery Agerola on Amalfi Coast

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