Excursions by Sea

The Sea in the Amalfi Coast is something that painters always loved to paint. you can see from afar the blue of the waves beating against the cliffs under the green of the nature. It is visible during excursions by sea.

Many people use to dive by the high cliffs to swim in the clearest and rare sea. It gives a sense of freedom before coming back on the land in the exclusive beaches.  In the Amalfi Coast the beaches can be rocky or sandy and some of them are reachable only by sea. This keeps the beaches exclusive. Are you planning a holiday in the Amalfi Coast? So excursions by sea are a must.

Only by sea you will meet the coast and go to unique places where you can get to by boat. Discover the Emerald Grotto, the White Grotto and the Coral Grotto.

Positano Amalfi Coast

There are many famous destinations to visit in the Coast, but Positano is very famous because is a city of fashion. Every year many vip escape from the metropolis and run to relax in yachts. you will discover pretty places and if you take the boat from Positano you will take magical pictures by the boat.

There is a gorgeous archipelago called Li Galli, they are three isles and Gallo Lungo is the only one inhabited. The population of this last isle has ancient origins, it is occupied since the Roman Age.

Amalfi Coast Excursions by sea

Amalfi Coast holidays include baths, sun and boat trips. From all the cities of the coast you can easily get in other famous destinations by boat. Don’t miss Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, Maiori, Minori and Conca dei Marini. Salerno is a pretty city, it is important for being county seat of the Coast. Salerno is also interesting to visit, take yourself a day to visit its old town and the Arechi Castle.

you can do boat tours for Capri, Sorrento and  Ischia. There are many available also for Naples where you could reach the famous Pompeii. We recommend you our Yacht rental and leave you the places you can’t miss once in the coast:

  • Sorrento
  • Capri
  • Tasting Tour
  • Coral Grotto
  • Emerald Grotto
  • White Grotto