Boat Rental

Are You planning a holiday in the Amalfi Coast? Are You already dreaming about sun, sea and relax? This is a good point to start on. There are many famous destinations to visit in the Amalfi Coast. Excursions are a perfect choice in case You love trekking. There are places that You can reach only if You choose a boat rental.

The Amalfi Coast is very jagged, this is its peculiarity. It is famous since the Roman Age and it is a tourism destination since a pair of centuries. There aren’t many sandy beach because of the reason We explained, but there are hotels with access to the beach.

Amalfi Coast Yacht Rental

Discovering exclusive beaches and grottos is a good excuse to rent a yacht. It won’t be a complete holiday without a boat tour along the coast. Choose now the best boat rental!

The yacht We propose You allow You to part everywhere and in every time of  day and night, they travel fast, are safe and comfortable. This is what moving with a private yacht means: You choose where to stop. In this way You will discover every each part, every each cliff and above all having a bath in the clearer areas of the sea.

What to visit by boat

We recommend You these boat trips all over the Coast:

  • Sorrento
  • Capri
  • Tasting Tour
  • Coral Grotto
  • Green Grotto
  • White Grotto

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