Amalfi Coast Hotel

Amalfi Coast Hotel: the many options. Every year there are many offers in hotels. The hotels have many characteristics, in this way the tourists can choose among a wide offer.

As the Amalfi Coast is an ancient touristic destination, you will easily find hotels in old buildings among the old part of the cities. Unless they are in the old city, the hotels are surely situated on a good position with panorama.

Amalfi Coast Italy the best hotels

These are the Amalfi Coast hotel that We suggest you. Many of them are very next to the beach, so you could move by feet. Some include the free ironing service and room service 24 h. In case you will come by car there will be free parking lot.

Breakfast is often included and served on the terrace to start the day in the best way looking at the view. There are all the comforts you need as the wifi in all area, balcony, tv, minibar and shuttle or bus stop very close to the front door of the hotel.

If you like a relaxing holiday, be sure you will find the swimming pool. In some of the hotels you will find two swimming pools and often filled with sea water. Don’t miss the good food in the hotel restaurant, the typical dishes, fresh fish, home made typical desserts and limoncello.

Amalfi Coast Hotel, the rooms

The rooms often include these services:

  • heating and air conditioning
  • fridge
  • phone
  • safety deposit box
  • hair drier
  • balcony
  • sea view

and often a jacuzzi.

From the hotels you could easily move to go visiting the rest of the coast and Campania.

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  • 4 star Hotel
  • <a href="" title="Hotel Amalfi, the best selection to keep a good tourism. Amalfi is the city that gives the name to the Coast. It has been an important city, it has a long story. It has a beautiful landscape, the sea, the monuments, everything is a fantastic mix. Amalfi is situated into the Lattari mountains and full of lemon groves. It is a famous city because it was one of the maritime Republics of Italy. Where to stay in Amalfi Coast Today We offer You our selection of hotels in Amalfi. Many of them are under family-run and it guarantees You a good treatment. The staff are always cozy, helpful and always careful to the guests' needs. They all offer peace and comforts on spectacular sea views. Some of our hotels are situated next to lemon groves, the peculiarity of the Amalfi Coast. The bus stop is always very near to the front door, so in case You don't come by car, don't worry. Hotel Amalfi Italy The rooms in our hotels are always cozy and spacious and have all the comforts that a guest needs. There are hotels with access to the beach or with its own beache resorts. Depending on your needs, there are hotels in the center of the city, to feel free to walk. There are also hotels built in peaceful positions and a wonderful sea view but a little bit far from the city chaos. Are You wondering about the food? The hotel restaurants have high levels, food in Italy means culture, so You will find very tasty dishes at lunch and dinner, and abundant breakfasts. The staff are helpful in case You have intolerance or allergy to any food. Hotel Amalfi, the comforts You will find This is the list of the comforts You will find in each hotel: Hairdryer Minibar Air conditioning Safety deposit box Parking lot (but make sure it is available when You ask Hotel Restaurant   Enjoy your holiday and your stay in our hotels.">Hotel Amalfi
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Hotel Atrani
  • Hotel Maiori
  • Hotel Minori
  • Hotel Positano
  • <a href="" title="Have You ever heard about Praiano? It is a beautiful town, it has a wonderful beach. We recommend You to attend the Praiano beach, also for once if You go in the Amalfi Coast. The name "Praiano", comes from "plagion" (from the greek= beach. Praiano is a characteristic place of the Amalfi Coast, it is just 7 kilometers far from Positano. The tourists that can't find an accommodation in Positano often choose Praiano. Best Hotels in Praiano The position of Praiano influences the hotels offer, in fact many tourists who can't find a room in Positano go in similar hotels in Praiano. Praiano is less famous than its neighbour, but people prefer this city increasingly every year. As many hotels of the Amalfi Coast, Praiano hotels offer incomparable panoramas. The majority of the hotels are built on rocky cliffs above the sea. Don't miss these destinations: Amalfi Cathedral Positano Maiori and Minori Ravello Villas Sorrento Vietri Sul Mare ">Hotel Praiano
  • Hotel Ravello
  • Hotel Vietri sul Mare