4 star Hotel

4 Star hotel – Amalfi Coast offer high quality services, swimming pools situated on wonderful views and a professional staff. In some cases they are both monuments and hotels where You can stay.

The 4 star hotel in the Amalfi Coast are elegance, passion, harmony and relax. It is ideal for a romantic holiday or a family holiday to stay together relaxing. Many of the hotels are family-run since decades and this is a guarantee. They will treat You as if You was one of them.

Best Amalfi Coast Hotels

Our hotels are next to beach, in this way it will be easier going for a swim in the salty water. They are always situated on comfortable positions and include free parking lot. The furnitures are precious, hotels include swimming pool next to the garden and there are often more than one swimming pool. The beaches are always private and if You like playing tennis in some You will find the tennis camp, so You will practice.

As We already said there is free parking lot but in case You don’t have car there is the shuttle service to Salerno or to Naples airport. The rooms have elegant terrace or balcony. The breakfast is always included and during the hottest days it is served on the poolside.

In the restaurant You will eat good food, You could choose between typical season product or traditional Campania food. Don’t miss the famous pizza, fresh fish dishes, home made cakes and limoncello.

Amalfi Coast Hotel: the rooms

Many rooms are soundproofed and include these services:

  • jacuzzi
  • sea view
  • heating
  • air conditioning
  • balcony
  • tv
  • wifi
  • minibar

Enjoy your holiday of fun, tradition, culture and relax.