Hotel Ravello

Hotel Ravello, the city of music. Ravello is a silent and chic town of the Amalfi Coast town, it is a famous destination for cultural tourism. Since the XVII century, cultural tourism raised Ravello as a famous town. It is a destination that people can’t renounce to visit. Don’t miss the International Festival of Classic Music.
The breathtaking panorama represents a good reason to visit Ravello, which dominates by the high peaks. Hotels offer hospitality to a kind of tourism who love culture, and this goes on since two centuries.

Amalfi Coast Towns, Ravello

Ravello tourism offer is very varied. There You will find luxury hotels situated into famous monuments rich of history, art and culture. You will also find family-run hotels right for informal customers.

Are You wondering about what to visit in Ravello? We suggest You to go in Villa Rufolo and in Villa Cimbrone. The panorama from these places is wonderful. There are spectacular gardens came by the fairy tales.

Don’t forget to visit:

  • Amalfi Cathedral
  • Positano
  • Emerald Grotto
  • Maiori and Minori
  • Sorrento
  • Ischia
  • Capri