Camping – Camper in Amalfi Coast

About Amalfi Coast

Camping Amalfi Coast: this coast is a world attraction because of its magnificent and unique landscapes, thanks to its sea and its peculiar form of mountain cliffs. So, Amalfi Coast fascinates many tourists, also the ones who love spending their holidays on camper.
You must know that law doesn’t allow camping in the Coast since april to november, but then, how to visit these places full of magic?

Camping Amalfi Coast: when to camp on the Amalfi Coast

You can stay on camping areas in Salerno and take the seaway, this is the best solution, or take the public transfer, but remember that the road is very narrow and full of bends, so there’s always traffic. Sometimes it takes many hours to wait for moving, especially during the summer.
There are perfect camping that also arrange You tours on Amalfi Coast, they have transfer service to bring You to the touristic harbour. There You can take the seaway and visit the many centers of the Divine Coast.

Camping Amalfi Coast – Amalfi Coast Adventures

If You like camping or travelling by camper You maybe will like adventure. As the Amalfi Coast is first of all a natural rarity, there are many opportunities to discover its rocks and landscapes.
You can do trekking, going in places reachable just by boat or walking for the famous Path of Gods, a pathway where to take astonishing pictures. Anyway, Amalfi Coast people have been good in mixing nature and buildings so, this is a list of places We recommend You to visit:

  • Amalfi Cathedral
  • Villa Cimbrone in Ravello
  • Villa Rufolo in Ravello
  • Roman Villa in Minori
  • Furore fiordo
  • Positano (city, shops, beach)