The road that they give tortuosa Vietri continuous until to the tip of Fuenti, crosses the Walloon of the Albore and is dominated for short feature from the countries of Raito and Albori, continues then nearly rectilinear in order to catch up ancient conca of Cetara wrapped from the Falerzio mount, in verdeggiante and rigoglioso part of citruses and in part I shave and selvaggio.Ultimo possedimento and border of the ancient Ducato and amalfitana diocese of the band orient them of the coastal one were roccaforte of the Saraceni in the 842 and in the 879 to the time of I besiege of Salerno. Cetara always has been a country of fishermen, and in fact its name derives from Cetaria. or tonnara or from "cetari", vendors of large fish, the tonni exactly. Since the 1030 Cetara was debitrice to the bishop of Amalfi, from which it depended, of "ius piscariae," the tenth one of the peach. In the 1120 village it passed under the political domination of Amalfi and was then subject, with the normanni, to the Benedictine abbey of S. Maria di Erchie and finally it passed to the dependencies of the abbey of Quarry. The abbey had marine connections with the monasteri Benedictines and traffics of pilgrims and goodses in Africa. Peter Pappacarbone, third Abbot of Quarry and grandson of S. Alferio, founder of the abbey cavense, had in donation from Ruggero the port dil Vietri in the 1086 from Guglielmo those of Sources in 1117 and Cetara in 1120. Later, in 1124, I' Simeone Abbot bought the port said of the Devious one near Licosa Tip for 15 moneies of salernitani tares, and the cenobio it acquired others five ports or cale on spiagge cilentane the ports gave a yield of marine rights to the monastero, in virtue of the tax anchorage, that he was variable to second of the belongings of the ship to gaetani, sorrentini, calabrians and sicialian, or genovesi, pisani or Roman. In the 1534 Turks, forts of 22 capeggiati galee and from the tremendous one rinnegato pascià Sinan, made slave great part of the population "menò seco 300 inhabitants in ischiavitù and all those who showed renitenti to the boarding were without mercies sgozzati at the hands of those Barbarians", while great part of the survivors found escape to Naples. And it is exactly in order to defend itself from similar attacks that came constructed the vicireale Tower, currently used to private room. Ancient tradition, than has prolongedded in the time, is that one of the departure of the fishermen for Algeria and Morocco in the March months and opens them, in order to dedicate itself to the peach of the anchovies, in order to return in autumn after to have resupplied the markets of Messina, Genoa and Livorno. The earth of Cetara, vedesi situated in un`angusta, but long valley, anciently bulwark from the part of the sea, and encircled from the imminent cliffs of the elevated Falerzio mount, all dressing of forests and vines. It lies exposed to east, with marine small and stream (Cetara, from the called people run small Cannillo of acqua)... In the antichi times much extending n' was the cetarese territory; neighbor to the water of the Fischetole; and towards Erchie he comprised lofty mounts of Carbonara, Falerzio, Sett' albori, Ferolito, Head-of water, Goes them greater etc. Other portion of its tenimento was possessed from the Quarry, but in the spiritual it submitted to, jurisdiction of the metropolitan of Amalfi. Employee village of Vietri, distaccato and was elevated to Common with real 15 decree of November 1833.

Thanks to prof. the Adrian Caffaro for the kind collaboration