Conca dei Marini is a very small town on the Amalfitana Coast: a very welcoming sea town. Many Italian and foreign tourists go there, thanks also to the Grotta dello Smeraldo, a wonderful cave with a submerged crib made of Vietri ceramics.

The ancient monastery dedicated to Saint Rose is very interesting. It was built in 1300 and dominates the town and the coast. According to a tradition, the cake called "Santa Rosa" was invented here: it’s a classical Neapolitan "Sfogliata" filled in with a delicious custard made of ricotta and pieces of candied fruits and decorated with black cherry jam. A festival is dedicated to this special cake.

The climate is very good and the sea is wonderful: this is why Conca is called "The Gem of Amalfitana Coast". Conca has always had famous visitors: for example Margareth of England liked the magic atmosphere of this wonderful place.


According to tradition, "Cosa o Cossa dei Tirreni" was a strong small town and Rome chose it as an ally during Punic wars, in 481. Conca has a wonderful natural creek that was a berth during Repubblica marinara age. The story of Conca was linked to that of Amalfi. Conca had a famous mercantile marine, a very strong one: the town had commercial relations to all the countries of the Mediterranean area. This is why Conca was a very rich and well-known town. In June 1543, Conca was sacked by pirates.



Grotta dello Smeraldo


Capo di Conca


Chiesa di San Pancrazio
Chiesa di Sant’Antonio di Padova
Convento di Santa Rosa



Marina di Conca

Rocky beach.

Conca dei Marini

Rocky beach.

Torre Cavalieri di Malta

Rocky beach.


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