Easter in the Amalfi Coast - Special offers

Easter in the Amalfi Coast, find the offers

 Easter in the Amalfi Coast is very suggestive, it is a “passion” We celebrate every year in the Amalfi Coast.

Every year on Easter You can find food festivals, shows, concerts, religious dates, markets, liturgy and the midnight Mass in the squares and the churches to celebrate the the Paschal Mystery and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter weekend in the Amalfi Coast

The Easter weekend in the Amalfi Coast is also relax, holiday, trips, games and fun as in the Salerno area, where since the Palm Sunday until the Easter Monday, people celebrate the end of the Lent. Easter is the principal celebration of christianity and the Amalfi Coast celebrates it in a cozy manner. There are many suggestive moments of the Holy Week celebration, as the Passion of Christ on the Good Friday. People wear cone shaped hood and a white tunic, they illuminate the Amalfi Cathedral only with the torches to honor the Cross and walk for a procession bringing Jesus Christ and the Grieving Madonna statue while the band play a heartbreaking music.

Easter in Amalfi Coast: The Battenti procession

Exciting and touching is also the Battenti procession in Maiori, melancholic but fascinating, it represents the death of God made as man, but invites Us to reflect about the human condition which is always influenced and often worried by the mystery of death. In a spiritual atmosphere, We suggest You also a travel to Ravello, with its traditional religious ceremonies as the Via Crucis.

Holy Week in Amalfi Coast: nature and more

The week of Easter in the Amalfi Coast is a good period to go in the Amalfi Coast using the many special offers that operators propose for brief holidays and weekends in hotel and b&b. You can enjoy monuments, traditions, landscapes and nature of the Coast because it won’t be this crowded as on summer.

The mild climate of the Easter period is ideal for the ones who want to have an adventure into the nature. Let Us suggest You something:

  • Lattari Mountains, above Amalfi, Praiano, Positano and next to the Ferriere Valley, which is a beautiful natural reserve where many species of orchid grow: there You will find the “Woodwardia Radicans”, a rare plant and real living fossil.
  • Path of Gods, a path with a breathtaking view.

The Easter period is the right moment to walk on the Path of Gods, 8 kilometers of pure beauty, indescribable landscapes where the sea can be observed by a 600- 400 meters height.

  • <a href="https://www.amalficoastonline.eu/easter-amalfi-coast-special-offers/easter-in-amalfi/" title="Easter in Amalfi: the Holy Week Easter in Amalfi is magical, the Holy Week is one of the best periods of the year to stay in Amalfi, You will appreciate it. The awakening of the nature, the mild climate appropriate to the season that isn't so crowded compared to the summer time. The gastronomy is full of traditional dishes prepared to honor the most important week of the Christianity. These are the reasons to pack and use the special offers that the hotels and b&b propose to the tourists. Easter religious program in the Amalfi Coast  The religious program is full, the principal event is the Via Crucis, a sad processione that begins in the close Atrani, where the incappucciati (people with a hood bring the dead Christ in his sepulchre. The processione is illuminated only by the light of the torches and the music comes from the choir, they sing the notes composed by the musician Antonio Tirabassi, it tells the desperation of Holy Mary. Easter in Amalfi Coast: the special offers You could consult the list soon ">Easter in Amalfi