Limousine service

If You want to get to the Amalfi Coast, the travel to get it is really important. Choose a limousine service, the road for the Amalfi Coast has many spectacular panoramas to show You. You can’t miss them.

The car rental with driver and limousine service allows You to travel in full relax. You will enjoy looking to the view. There won’t be any stress for parking: in the Amalfi Coast there’s never space for the car! The road is as beautiful as difficult to drive, but with our service You won’t worry anymore. Explain Us your needs, finding the solution will be our duty. The prices are very competitive!

Rome to Amalfi Coast

Our service is available all over the nation. The distance between Rome and the Amalfi Coast is about 300 kilometers. It is a bit complicated looking for public transfer. You could find it, but it costs a big effort. It will be like taking one or two transfers, waiting for the transports, moving luggages.

With Us there will be 0 stress! We can come wherever You’ll be to bring You and take You to your hotel. Our drivers are professional, always on time and available 24 hours a day. Our cars are spacious, comfortable and with air conditioning. We have large trunks.

Naples to Amalfi Coast

Our companies are specialized in car rental with driver. We offer our service all over the nation to reach many Italian destinations. Do You want to get to your destination in an easy way? Entrust with Us. We are professionsit. You want to feel free from parking deals? We can bring You from the Naples Airport and take You to your hotel in the Amalfi Coast. The only thing that You have to do is calling Us.

We know all the area and We are good in English language. So if You can’t speak Italian very well, relax. We’ll do it all. The car rental with driver is probably the best solution for the holidays in the Amalfi Coast. Relax and enjoy the view. We think about driving, our cars are comfortable and safe. These are our services:

  • Transfer from and to every destinations of the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento
  • Transfer from and to Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan  airport
  • Transfer for sea ports