Nettuno Village and Restaurant

  • Massalubrense


The restaurant of Nettuno Village is situated in the Marina del Cantone Bay – Nerano, one of the most beautiful bays of the Sorrento Peninsula. The terrace offers a spectacular sea view.

Our food is typical of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast and Campania. In our à la carte menus and dishes You will find only fish fished on the bay. Our trusted fisherman provides it to Us.

Restaurant in Sorrento

We propose many tasty dishes. Taste our “tagliatelle lemon and shrimps”, our “Nerano spaghetti” (made with zucchini), it is a speciality all over the bay. Taste our seafood and shellfishes. These dishes have a special place in our kitchen. We propose vegetables and fruit own produced in our family vegetable garden. Here everything is homemade, don’t miss to taste these liqueurs:

  • Limoncello
  • Arancello
  • Meloncello
  • Peschino
  • Lemon cream

What about desserts? We didn’t forget about them. We have a wide range of classic desserts, don’t You miss the lemon babà, the lemon delizias, the Neapolitan pastiera, the cake made with the figs of our garden. There are many other regional specialities to taste.

Sorrento and more: Marina del Cantone

Our Nettuno Village is situated in Marina del Cantone, in Massa Lubrense. It is an area very near to Sorrento. It is a wonderful place little known. You can reach it after a road with bends. There You will find a beautiful and natural place. We suggest You a relaxing walk. Marina del Cantone is a district that borders with the Amalfi Coast.

The beach is spectacular and the sea is clean and pure. This bay is always exposed to the sun. You can reach it by car, the beach will be very near and You could park in a square. Also public transfers are available to get there. This bay is a magical place, it has been defined a “pleasant chaos”.