With parking lot

In the Amalfi Coast is convenient finding hotels that guarantee the parking lot. Now We explane You why having a sistemation with parking lot is better. The public parking in the Amalfi Coast are few and have very high prices, it’s something like 3- 5 euros per hour. So, our suggestion is: move with the public transfers and choose the ferry, You will avoid big stress caused by the traffic, which during the summer becomes very chaotic. Seriously, parking is a hell on this period, there is never space and prices are unacceptable.

Amalfi Coast Drive

Leave your worries and your car in hotel, with parking lot You will enjoy and relax in the Amalfi Coast. This is the list that We suggest You the facilities with a parking lot.

Many hotels and agencies arrange excursions, but if You want to feel independent You could also do it on your own. This is a list of the cities You can’t miss and We left You below a link where You can download the Amalfi Coast map to keep in your smartphone.

  •  Amalfi
  • Positano
  • Minori
  • Ravello
  • Vietri sul Mare

Amalfi Coast Map