Are you looking for a wonderful water to swim in Amalfi Coast? Swimming is a good way to keep healthy and leave the problems. A dive into the crystal waters of the divine coast will help you to front the life, a swim is able to regenerate you. So let’s see which are the best waters to swim and the best beaches to take tan after a good bath.

The regional agency called ARPAC provides the production and publication of data about the bathing waters. Here you can find the state of the bathing waters. You will see…sea in Amalfi Coast is clean everywhere, but there are areas in which you can see the seafloor.

Amalfi Coast Beaches

Amalfi Coast is featured by the heights overhanging many meters above sea level. For this reason there are few sandy beaches. If you are looking for sandy beach we suggest you to visit Minori, Praiano, Cetara, Vietri sul Mare and Positano.

Do you want to know which are the best beaches for bathing? We recommend you take a ride in the following ones. In case yours is a beach and sun holiday or you are a swimmer and can’t stay away from the sea, we suggest you to spend your time in Maiori or Vietri sul Mare, but also Amalfi, where you can live the city after the bath.

Best Amalfi Coast waters



  • Cetara Marina
  • Contrada Fuenti

Conca de’ Marini:


  • Sant’ Elia (St Elijah)
  • Le Porpore (the Purples)


  • Maiori Beach
  • Salicerchie Beach
  • Torre Normanna di Capo d’Orso (Norman Tower of Bear’s head)
  • Erchie Marina
  • Badia free beach
  • Collata

Vietri sul mare:

  • Punta Fuenti
  • Albori Marina
  • Marina di Vietri Secondo Tratto (Vietri Marina first stretch)
  • Marina di Vietri Primo Tratto (Vietri Marina second stretch)
  • Crestarella Beach
  • La Baia Beach


  • Fornillo Beach
  • Spiaggia Grande
  • Spiaggia Arienzo Beach
  • Spiaggia Delle Sirene (Marmaids beach)


  • Le Praie/la Gavitella beach
  • Vettica Maggiore

More names? Attend the Atrani and Minori beaches, two enchanting areas with a fantastic view.

What do you think about this plan? Thank you so much for visiting us, have a good swimming holiday in Amalfi Coast!