Each visitor should complete the holiday on Amalfi Coast with an excursion on the famous path called ‘Sentiero degli Dei’. Path of the Gods - Amalfi coastPeople start from Agerola (from a hamlet called Bomerano, 635 meters above sea level) or from PraianoPath of the Gods - Amalfi coast(0 meters above sea level) to go to Nocelle in Positano (440 meters above sea level). Leaving from Bomerano, visitors can walk almost completely through a descending path, in a more comfortable way, while leaving from Praiano means to go first to Serra hill (570 meters above sea level).
    Landscape is everywhere wonderful; the sea accompanies the visitors and can be seen from very high spots (not recommended to vertigo sufferers). The panorama of Capri and of Sorrento Peninsula is actually spectacular. Path of the Gods - Amalfi coast
    The vegetation of the first part of the path is made of grass and a few trees: sheep and goats graze there. Path of the Gods - Amalfi coastIn the second part of the path, there are more trees with ilexes and arbutus berries. After the so-called Vallone Grarelle there is Nocelle (440 meters above sea level): it is a not very famous but really picturesque hamlet of Positano. In the past it was completely isolated and it could be reached only through a very steep staircase. Now the excursionist can choose to go down the 1500 steps of the staircase to reach the road and to have the possibility to bathe in the wonderful sea of Path of the Gods - Amalfi coastPositano or he/she can go to Pertuso Mount ( Gods - Amalfi coast352 meters above sea level). The name comes from a hole (“pertuso” in the local dialect is “foro” that is hole) in the rocky wall on the top caused by the erosive phenomenon that creates strange and fascinating sculptures.
    The path is slightly difficult. It is around 8 km long. It takes almost 2,30/3 hours to complete.




    Path of the Gods - Amalfi coast Path of the Gods - Amalfi coast Path of the Gods - Amalfi coast Path of the Gods - Amalfi coast